We rented a house and made a luxurious renovation in it

Check out our journey from renters to renovators! See how we turned our rented house into a luxurious haven.

One designer decided to take on a new project, namely, the transformation of a rented apartment of 40 square meters, which had an old renovation that had long been in need of updating. The beauty creation procedure took approximately 6 months.

Living room

It is made in extremely bright colors, the floor is made of wood-based boards and painted as brightly as possible, it goes well with the walls. Certain pieces of furniture, such as a sofa and an armchair, which were made by weaving, were brought from her parents’ house, some were bought from scratch.

The interior became more lively due to plants, and the decor on the walls is a reflection of Natalia’s profession; it was decided to free it from unnecessary details, adding a little coziness.


The main emphasis was on replacing the floor; the linoleum was removed. The set is a line, part of it is located under the wall, where there is also a washing machine. Hanging parts are presented in a minimal quantity; space is provided for an open shelf in a Scandinavian style.


A place for it is provided near the window structure, the predominant design is wood. And next to it there is a chest of drawers and an open hanger. The mirror with cracks deserves special attention; it was simply damaged during the installation process.


The space is as bright as possible, one of the walls has a highlight in the form of graphic wallpaper, as a result, contrast is created, which became a compromise for the reason that painting plywood is problematic. Black accessories and doors enhance this contrast.


It is presented in two parts, the bathroom has ancient tiles that have been slightly updated, and the bathtub was also updated with acrylic. Blue paint was used to decorate the toilet.

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