Wonderful house of only 25 square meters.

Discover the wonder of compact living! Take a tour of this amazing house, cleverly designed within just 25 square meters.

Let’s take a look at this house located in Maine. Its size is equal in terms of area to only 25 square meters. Despite this, the house is incredibly cozy and practical. It is simply the perfect space for summer living.

If you look at it from the outside, you can see just a blue shed, moreover, with a modest design. And it’s unlikely that many will expect anything incredible from him. But, if you dive inside, you might be surprised that the ceilings are really high, and the decoration was chosen extremely competently.

In particular, inside this space is headed by a pistachio sofa, a round table and a cozy armchair, which immediately catches the eye in a pleasant sense of the word. Nearby there is a kitchenette, which is equipped with absolutely everything you might need for cooking. A retro refrigerator brings a special charm to this space.

The only likely downside is the lack of separate rooms, or at least details that would divide this space. The main functional parts are located in one room, even the bedroom area. However, the optimal decor and color elements are separated.

We will finish our tour with a visit to the bathroom, which is small in size, but sufficient for all hygiene procedures.

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