How a girl changed a “killed” apartment beyond recognition

Discover the remarkable story of how one girl single-handedly transformed a neglected apartment into a stunning living space beyond recognition. Witness the power of determination and creativity as she breathes new life into every corner of her home.

This is an interesting story about how a master in the field of design named Olga Zhikhareva managed to 100% transform an apartment with an area of ​​29 square meters in an old house in Moscow. It all turned out to be an extremely successful redevelopment.

General concept

The previous internal walls were removed and qualitatively new systems took their place. The kitchen was successfully integrated into the common space, although due to the installation of certain gas equipment, it had to be fenced off with a glass partition with black profiles for decorative purposes.

Living room

Thanks to the interestingly decorated white walls, it was possible to expand the space, at least visually. A cozy place to rest was located near the window, highlighted by a carpet. The gray sofa was transformed into a sleeping place as needed. The shelves and decorations added a sophisticated look. On the opposite side of the sofa there is a work area and storage space for the TV.


It is framed directly in the recess of the room. The walls are in a natural shade with a green accent to visually separate the bedroom. It’s easy to see some truly stylish lighting fixtures above the bed.


This block is represented by the letter “P”. There is a small bar near the window opening as a continuation of the work surface. The dining area is separated by a green partition and is complemented by chairs and a chandelier. The shelves play a decorative role, in fact, like contrasting tiles.


The hallway was separated using glass blocks, so there are no obstacles for light to penetrate into the room. There is an impressive system for clothing and accessories, complemented by wooden elements.


Its interior design consists of a shower stall, there is a contrast and at the same time harmony with gray. In addition to standard storage areas, there is a cabinet and auxiliary shelves.

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