How an awkward house became something magical.

Discover the magical transformation of an awkward house into a stunning masterpiece. See the incredible before and after photos showcasing the remarkable renovation journey.

This is the story of how a fan of a seaside town in England finally realized her dream and moved. 4 years ago she chose a very beautiful building as her future house, which was also located on a picturesque street. It was an ancient boat cottage, which in fact became a very stylish home, filled with coziness. The lady decorated it in shades of the sea and did not regret it.

The building itself was made in the ancient traditions of Holland, it is distinguished by its comfort and sophistication. It was noticed on social networks exclusively after the restoration, and this is not surprising, because its scope is truly impressive.

What was the hostess’s approach?

Belinda, that’s the owner’s name, admits that she doesn’t have a certain style. It is important that there is harmony in a house or apartment, so that one thing prevails. I feel like I like it, so it will be so.

Kitchen area

Definitely, this cottage, originally from the 19th century, required renovation; the last of the owners lived in it for a very long time and died at the age of 103. In the 70s, together with her husband, she carried out reconstruction here, but its original appearance was lost. Belinda decided to transform the backyard to create a spacious garden. The idea of ​​an open kitchen allowed her to make the house extremely spacious and cozy. The kitchen is light in color and goes well with the old wood table and all the beams, and the ceiling makes the nautical feel stronger.


Surprisingly, the building has an extremely spacious garden area. Taking into account its size, we can note a spacious terrace, ideal for relaxing and spending time on a picnic.

Living room

It is relatively light and shares a common wall with the kitchen; its walls are perfectly snow-white, but this does not add boredom to the overall image, since there are accents, mainly yellow, red, and pink. The furniture is decorated in the style of a French village.


On the top floor of the house there is a bedroom, starting from the front and extending to the rear. Its concept traditionally consists of cladding elements and involves highlighting the ceiling beams. At the same time, the overall range of colors is as light as possible; only materials of natural origin are used. Thanks to curtains and other textile elements, the details are exquisite.


It fits as securely as possible into the bedroom and definitely attracts attention with a deep cast iron bathtub, which is painted in a delicate pink shade. Decorative elements together with textiles are important to provide the space with an overall style.

Work area

Relatively recently, the owner managed to equip a room made of wood directly in the garden; it acts as a home office or studio, and regularly serves as a guest room. There is an auxiliary bathroom and an outdoor shower.

It turned out to be such a cozy excursion to someone else’s home. After all, it is important that only the right mood is created in the house, so that everything is cozy and harmonious.

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