Bacon and Sedgwick showed their daughter and blew up the network! 🧐😮 Sosie has grown up and become the mini version of her mother! 😍🤭 No one believes their eyes when they see their joint family photos which can be found in this article! 👇

It goes without saying that the life and appearance of celebrity children never cease to be the center of public attention and escape the curiosity of network users, especially if it concerns their striking resemblance to their parents or else the absence of it.

Here is Sosie, the daughter of film stars K. Sedgwick and K. Bacon. The recent post by Kyra congratulating their heiress’s birthday made their resemblance even more visible. Besides the outer resemblance, Sosie pursues career in acting just like her parents.

Interestingly enough, it was Sosie’s own choice. Moreover, her parents have always taken a neutral position.

«If I have to wake up for a job, it’s likely got to be this».

Her parents’ support and dedicated have been a guide in her journey of self-discovery. One may say that she is not only her parents’ copy, but also an interesting personality who has a bright future ahead.