The destroyed large apartment became unrecognizable.

The transformation of a destroyed large apartment is truly remarkable. Check out the stunning before and after photos to see the incredible renovation work.

The girl transformed the impressive space into 2 autonomous studios. They shared only the hall and utility area, but first things first.


The walls and ceiling are presented in a neutral color palette, which was diluted with an accent of blue, in fact, it became a key component of the design. The stucco molding is extremely elegant and recalls the luxurious history of the building, a style that has been successfully continued through the use of floor tiles.

The 19th-century armchair, originally located directly in the window recess, creates a corner for relaxation and reading, its upholstery was chosen according to the accents in the interior. The transparent glass-based division allows for the clearest expression of the profiles and defines the border directly between the kitchen and sleeping area, which stretches between the TV console and the fixtures.

Cooking area

This block fits perfectly with the surrounding details, the finishing is presented in the same color as the floor, there is a storage cabinet near the entrance, it is usually highlighted in deep gray to indicate the corridor space. On the other side of the main kitchen is a dining space with a retro table and chairs. There is also a stove in the corner, which makes the modern interior as authentic as possible.


The main emphasis within this room is on the bright crimson finish. Vertical tiles predominate on the walls, and the flooring is presented in the form of ceramics with a geometric design. The bright one below guarantees the ability to hide a wall-hung cabinet; a sink and shower are also located there.

Corridor in the center

It is made in bright turquoise color at the very bottom of the walls. Black graphic elements on a light background look quite advantageous; together with floor tiles, they create the most striking combinations. Behind the door there is a room for household needs.

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