The “killed”apartment became a masterpiece thanks to the work of designers.

Explore the stunning transformation of a once neglected space into a masterpiece, all thanks to the creative vision of talented designers. Witness the power of design as it breathes new life into the old and forgotten.

The interior design of the home, which initially included 4 rooms, was 86 square meters. The idea was implemented for a family of 4 people. Initially, the configuration was transformed in an effort to make absolutely every zone comfortable for all family members.

Rest zone

Its color scheme is considered extremely light, and the ceiling is dark, which extends to the upper areas of the walls, while the visual perception of height is reduced. The furniture contributed to the division of space. The sofa was oriented towards the dining area, the decorative brick turned into decoration for the opposite wall.

We insulated the loggia and made it more modern; the window block was also improved to get as much free space as possible. Window frames of dark colors, as well as elements that glow, formed a complete contrast.

Kitchen area

The set has an L-shape, it was placed in a recess; as for the ornament, it goes well with a dark-colored apron and facades that are not bright. We placed an additional wardrobe directly at the transition to the corridor; blue furniture for the eating area goes well with the sofa.


The main emphasis was placed on the gray walls; the wallpaper at the headboard helped us with this. An abundance of textures was achieved by combining materials with each other. There was leather on the bed, cotton predominated in the bedding, and the pillows had large patterns.


Their entrances were located opposite each other, the design suggested a variety of accents in terms of colors and storage solutions. The pink elements and the wardrobe are characterized by blue details, there is a built-in boy’s wardrobe.


The entrance area was faced with ceramic granite, and the walls were decorated with paint and brick. A separate room is needed to store all kinds of devices. In addition, ample space has been saved for a washing machine and dryer.


In general, there are only 2 of them, the main bath is made in shades of white and blue using hexagonal tiles and mirror surfaces. With all this, we have provided auxiliary equipment and furniture structures.

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