Cheap but stylish renovation in a neglected one-room apartment

Discover how this neglected one-room apartment underwent a stylish yet affordable renovation! Check out the transformation.

The housing is located in an old building and was purchased at an extremely low price due to the lack of any repairs. For this reason, we had to pay for such savings by investing in new repairs.

Immediately after the purchase, the owners began dismantling the partitions and previous coverings on the walls, floor and ceiling. After that, they replaced absolutely all communications in the form of a heating system, water supply, and electrics.

In addition, a unanimous decision was made to install new windows and a door.

The layout has changed

The owners made new partitions with sound insulation, and the brick walls were aligned in accordance with the lighthouses. They also filled the screed. After the solution had completely dried, fiberglass was glued to the walls, after which they were simply painted. A suspended ceiling was installed and laminate flooring was laid.

The hallway has an area of ​​only 4.5 square meters. On the right side of the entrance door there is a bathroom, on the left there is a cabinet, and above it there is a hanger for outerwear. There is a refrigerator and a shoe dryer near the entrance.

As for the kitchen-living room itself, its size was 6 squares. A sofa was installed here, which can become an auxiliary space for relaxation, and a round table. Where the arrow is, there is a home theater.

The sleeping area ended up with a spacious bed, space for a work corner, and a closet for things on the entire wall. The bathroom has a shower and a window to provide natural light. There is a washing machine in the toilet.

The hallway now has lighting with automatically triggered sensors.

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