How a “killed” apartment turned into a discovery by non-professionals

Learn how a group of non-professionals transformed a rundown apartment into a stunning discovery! Witness the amazing before and after.

Our couple – the main characters of this report – have been looking for housing to their liking for a long time. In any case, it was clear that it would be problematic to find the optimal layout for the budget they had. The decision did not take long to arrive; I had to take an apartment in an old building, where there were not even load-bearing walls, in order to adapt it to my own needs.

The renovation and design concept were carried out on our own, with the exception of a number of special works, for example, replacement of plumbing, window structures, and installation of electricity.


The procedure began with the owners dismantling and removing the old walls. The entrance area has become small, but everything in it has been thought out to the smallest detail. Laminate was used to finish the floor, and exclusively light materials were used for the walls. The front door had to be updated, and for good reason, a mirror was hung on it from the inside.

A high-capacity closet was installed near the entrance; it was made by hand by the owner’s husband. On the other side of the entrance stands a stylish stool that the owner has carefully restored.

Kitchen and living area

Both spaces have turned into a single whole, the color scheme has remained light, the kitchen has a corner-type set, white doors, and tiles with contrasting grout are provided for finishing the apron.

The refrigerator became the brightest accent, presented in yellow, the countertop is made on the basis of real cedar.

Space in the kitchen was limited, which forced the owners to think about moving the dining area directly into the living room. We managed to arrange a work area with a chest of drawers near the window, a relaxation area with a yellow sofa was placed along one wall, and in the hallway there was a mechanism designed for storing things.


Its total area is 18 square meters, this space was divided into 2 parts. Directly at the entrance is the main part of the bedroom. In addition, we managed to competently approach the creation of a partition that separates the adult area from the children’s part.

The children’s corner contains storage space, shelves and a two-tier sleeping area.


The bathroom had a combined toilet and bathtub, the entrance was moved directly from the living room. In this room, the renovation was 100% done by the owner’s husband; white tiles and Tiffany paint were chosen for the decoration of the walls. This room contains the entire “toilet infrastructure”, without exception, in the form of a bathtub, toilet, sink with cabinet and washing machine.

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