Kitchen renovation as a gift for mom was my best decision

Find out how one person’s decision to renovate the kitchen as a gift for their mom turned out to be the best decision they ever made. Read the heartwarming story here!

In this material, I will probably share my own story related to the apartment that a young lady bought for her mother. She wanted their houses to be located nearby, but there was no money for a new building. As a result, we had to choose housing from the old stock with subsequent renovation. The kitchen required a major renovation, and it was decided to start there.

Before renovation

It was primarily clear that the kitchen had not been updated since the 90s. After all, it is logical that finding a landline telephone somewhere located on the wall is almost impossible. And other details in the interior were reminiscent of the distant past. It will not be difficult to include wallpaper, curtains, cornices, etc.

In the kitchen the picture was as sad as possible, even though there was a modern gas stove there. The set, and even the surfaces, frankly needed revelation.

After renovation

The walls needed to be leveled, and the same fate awaited the ceiling. After all these manipulations, we began painting using dry screed technology. All this made it possible to create a smooth floor and maintain the algorithm of events.

The walls became quite pleasant, gray-blue, and the tabletop acquired an apron based on bright tiles interspersed with different colors. At the final step, blue furniture for the kitchen was installed, with household appliances built into it.

The result is a harmonious and extremely cozy space.

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