Renovating an old apartment in just 3 months is possible!

Renovating an old apartment in just 3 months is possible! Check out this inspiring story of a remarkable transformation and see how it was achieved.

Buying an apartment is an important and responsible step, and you need to approach it extremely thoughtfully. Our main characters, before deciding on it, immediately realized that the secondary market would suit them. And we quickly found the best option for ourselves. Of course, this was not their ideal, but what can you do… But the price is favorable, and the scope for imagination in the renovation process is huge.

First, the new owners decided on a light redevelopment in the form of combining a small space and a kitchen to create a living area. Actually, in this area you can connect a kitchen with a gas water heater and a room, if there are several rooms in the apartment.


In order to replace the electrics, it was decided to call specialists to the house. Nevertheless, our owners did carry out a certain part of the work themselves, namely, they made the furniture. They had to paint the walls white and decorate the floor with ceramic tiles. Among other things, they installed storage mechanisms and equipped a storage area.


The owners made almost all of its elements with their own hands. They made the lower doors on a pine base, after which they were painted in a soft turquoise shade. The surface intended directly for work activities was made of larch, and classic white tiles with black seams were used to decorate the apron. Moreover, plants make the room more comfortable, especially considering that the lady of the house adores them.

Dining room

In this zone, there is a coordination of the design with the general style of the home. In particular, there is a lot of light, white walls and natural wood accents. Near the window there is a dining area, and next to it there is a cozy green sofa that folds out to form a place to sleep.


There is nothing superfluous in this area; the main emphasis is on light shades, while the base is dark, creating contrast.

Again, there are many plants that embody harmony and balance even in detail.

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