Paparazzi caught Rihanna walking with her son – the reaction of Internet users was surprising

Paparazzi caught Rihanna walking with her son. The reaction of internet users was surprising as they expressed unexpected sentiments towards the sighting.

It seems that style icon Rihanna has fallen on hard times – and even such a win-win “accessory” as a cute baby can’t save her. Paparazzi caught the 36-year-old singer leaving a children’s entertainment center, where she went with her eldest son, one and a half year old RZA. And although we thought that after all the bold pregnant images, the star would no longer be able to surprise Internet users, Rihanna was able to do it too!

For a family outing, she chose a comfortable T-shirt with the Metallica logo, a cozy fur coat and wide-top leather boots. And the main highlight of the look, undoubtedly, are the trousers, which with a slight movement of the hand turn into elegant shorts. True, Western Internet users, of course, did not notice the parallels with Soviet film classics, and therefore were not at all delighted with Riri’s stylish image.

“I can think of many words to describe this outfit. Chic is not one of them”, “I don’t understand, so much money, designer clothes on tap, and you leave the house looking like this?”, “Why does she always dress like that? It’s not edgy, original or interesting, it’s just a mess. She looks terrible”, “Is this stylish? She looks like an unmade bed,” “These trousers and boots are just ridiculous. Why do multimillionaires always wear clothes that look like they haven’t seen a washing machine in weeks? – Rihanna was criticized to smithereens by Daily Mail readers.

Let us remind you that earlier Internet users ridiculed the artist’s fresh haircut, comparing the star with a housewife and a teacher.


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