On the path to change: our budget renovation of an old building in 14 days.

Embark on a journey of transformation with our budget renovation project. Witness the remarkable changes we made to an old building in just 14 days.

For a long time we lived in an old house, where the renovation seemed frankly outdated and required close attention. Having allocated funds monthly to pay off the mortgage, it seemed that change was unlikely to come. But when we finally paid the final installment and raised some more money, we decided it was time for a change.

We began planning taking into account our desires and financial capabilities, realizing that the initial plans were overly ambitious and required correction.

Knowing that we only had two weeks of vacation to complete the renovation, we thought about every detail in advance. We purchased the materials and furniture we needed in advance and stored them in the garage, essentially turning it into our own warehouse. We handled the most difficult stages of the repair ourselves, with the exception of replacing radiators and installing suspended ceilings.

And so, one Monday we began complete dismantling. Particular attention was paid to the kitchen, and since we decided to combine it with the room, we had to demolish the wall between them. Removing the old tiles turned out to be quite a labor-intensive task, and here we had to resort to the help of my father, whose experience was very valuable, especially in such difficult moments. Together with him, armed with hammer drills, we moved much faster.

Our husband then took on the drywall covering the bathroom window and installed new electrical wiring. The next phase, finishing, took another week. The furniture was assembled by my husband and my father, while my mother and I started wallpapering the walls.

And now, after just two weeks, we proudly realized that we did it! It was a real triumph! So all those who claim that renovation is an endless process simply haven’t found the right approach.

With proper planning and the ability to work with your hands, even the most ambitious projects can be brought to life quickly and economically.

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