Transforming a nondescript one-room apartment into a cozy dream place of 32 m²: a story with photos

Discover the enchanting tale of how we turned a nondescript one-room apartment into a cozy dream place spanning 32 square meters. Follow our journey through captivating photos and witness the transformation firsthand.

The architects carried out a stunning transformation of an old studio apartment into a modern 32 m² studio, especially for a young woman who dreamed of creating a design characterized by understated elegance and bright, spacious details.

This inspiring renovation sought to combine the kitchen and living room and to achieve this, the bold decision was made to go gas-free. A cozy space was allocated in the hallway for a spacious closet.

The living room welcomes us with soft pastel colors, harmoniously combined with deep green window frames. A spectacular ethnic carpet on the floor creates a wonderful contrast with a modern sofa and a stylish armchair that came to us from the last century.

The kitchen corner is an L-shaped piece of kitchen furniture, and the eye is immediately drawn to the bright yellow refrigerator that echoes in one of the chairs placed at the table.

The space of the apartment is masterfully zoned using an elegant glass partition with black edging.

In the sleeping area, a functional shelving unit serves as an excellent divider. The glass doors of the side sections complement the feeling of space and light, and the decorative brick wall adds a unique charm to the interior.

Systems for storing things, both open and closed, were created in the corridor. In addition to the built-in wardrobe, which matches the color of the walls, there was a rack for clothes and shoes. They did not change the flooring to maintain a consistent style.

In the bathroom, the walls are decorated with brick-effect tiles, creating a pleasant contrast with the kitchen paneling, and the floor is covered with honeycomb-shaped ceramic tiles. The bathtub is equipped with an artificial stone screen with magnets.

And to add colorful accents, green mirror frames and indoor windows were used, which give the interior a unique charm and brightness.

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