Why Kate Middleton’s children always eat separately from their parents

Kate Middleton’s children always eat separately from their parents due to a family tradition and parenting philosophy. Find out the reasons behind this practice.

Raising a child, as you know, is a rather individual matter. In one family, the heir will be allowed everything, but in another, one punishment will replace another. But, as it turned out, interesting moments can also be found in the royal family . So, for example, Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents. What is the reason for this tradition, you will find out in the next few minutes.

Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents

It’s no secret that the monarchy has its own rules and guidelines not only for servants, but also for the members of the royal family themselves. Moreover, liberties are not allowed even for the youngest heirs of the king. And, of course, there are no exceptions even for public favorites.

So, for example, Kate Middleton’s children eat separately from their parents. This rule is strictly followed not only on ordinary days, but also on Christmas and other holidays. It would seem, what could be the reason for such distrust of the heirs? Nevertheless, there is a simple explanation for what is happening in the royal family.

As former_royal_chef_Darren_McGrady_admitted, first Princes George and Louis and Princess_Charlotte_must learn “the art_of_polite_conversation.” True, it is worth noting that it is not enough just to learn all the subtleties of small talk at the table. You also need to grow to the required age. “ Children_always_ate in the_nursery_until they_were_old_enough to behave properly at the dinner table.”

Countless list of rules

Moreover, according to McGrady, who worked for Queen_Elizabeth_and_Princess_Diana, Princes William and Harry also went through a similar experience. Not only did they have difficulty adhering to this rule, but they also refused to eat greens in every possible way. Therefore, the chef often had to disguise vegetables as the favorite dishes of Prince Charles’s children. True, from time to time Lady Di herself disrupted the heirs’ healthy diet by taking the boys to McDonald’s.

“ The Royal Nursery was intended not only to educate_the_minds_of the young_royals, but also to educate their tastes. The nanny always monitored the menu and made sure they ate_balanced_meals. Not only did it include_lots_of_healthy_vegetables, but it also introduced them to new adult foods.”

As you can see, not only the workers at the Royal Palace are forced to follow a countless list of rules, but also members of the royal family. As for separate meals for children and adults, this seems quite logical. After all, it is worth considering that we are not talking about the average family.

I wonder if you would agree to such conditions or would you prefer to enjoy dinner with the whole family? Be sure to share your opinion with us in the comments.

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