Her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant. During the abortion, she saw a sign that changed her decision…

She herself knew what a huge mistake she was making…

For a very long time she was in a very precarious emotional state, but all this time fate gave her not very obvious signs. In the end, things turned out differently.

What do you do if you are a single mother with three small children, deceived by a boyfriend and with a positive_pregnancy_test? For Kimberly Henderson, the only option was to go to an abortion clinic.

She couldn’t stand up against this world with FOUR little children.

Kimberly_spent_seven_hours in the clinic waiting room trying to convince herself that she could cope with what was about to happen.

“I sat in the clinic for almost 7 hours. I remember that I was wearing a pink T-shirt, which was all wet from my tears.”

There is no doubt that Kimberly knew she was making a terrible mistake. Sometimes fate decides everything in its own way, and this sweet mother is the best proof of this.

“Today I was at the clinic. I tried to think it through. My boyfriend was cheating on me. I have small children, what will people think? I kept_telling_myself_that_I_was all alone, I needed to do this. And I continued to sit there… I could barely see anyone or anything through my tears. People around me were eating, laughing and chatting with someone. And I was completely crushed. I covered my face with my palms and tried to convince myself that this needed to be done. I told myself that if I had taken precautions, this would not have happened. I tried_to_justify_myself, but my heart_was_heavy. I felt like I was going to do something terrible, and God gave me a sign not to do it.”

God had been giving her different signs all day. Everything from a sick child for whom a nanny had to be found, to a lost license plate and a missed doctor’s appointment were all signs.

“I woke up this morning, my daughter was sick, I had to find a babysitter, I got lost, my car broke down and wouldn’t start for about 15 minutes, I was delayed and late, but they still promised to see me. I prayed that God would stop me and give me a sign, give me the strength to get out of there.

I was called to the counter. This was the last opportunity to turn around and leave. I started digging through my purse to get my driver’s license and found the card that had been left on my desk Saturday night while I was working. It had the name of the church on it, and on the back was a verse:

“Don’t be afraid, because I am with you. Do not be discouraged, for I am your God. I will_strengthen_you_and_help you. I will support you with my victorious_right_hand.” Isaiah 41:10

I knew it was God speaking to me.”

Not only God gave her signs, but also guardian angels!

“Two of my best friends called me just in time and told me, “I will be there for you… God gave you this gift.”

Kimberly made her decision and was ready to leave the clinic and was again reminded that she was 100% making the right decision.

“I told the lady at the counter that I had changed my mind. As I was about to leave, a young girl, no older than 19, said to me, “Are you going to do this?” I told her I couldn’t. She said, “I wish I were as brave as you.” I told her she was brave and she could do the same. She said that she needed to do this due to some serious circumstances. When I turned around, she said, “When you see your baby’s face for the first time, you’ll be so glad you left here today.”

I burst out crying and felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. No matter the circumstances, God makes no mistakes and He will help you. “

What I remember most is the feeling of relief and strength I felt when I walked out of those doors. There was no guilt. There was no shame. There were no regrets. This must all mean something. My daughter Vaida Everly has a special purpose. After a difficult pregnancy, and after countless moments of weakness, I thought that I simply could not do this. On September 12, 2013, I gave birth to my beautiful Vaida Everly with my wonderful friends by my side.”

This beautiful girl, along with three other happy children, is all that Kimberly has in her life.

“I remember the first time I saw her and I burst into tears. I remembered the words the girl said to me before I left the clinic that day. “When you see your baby’s face for the first time, you will be very happy that you left here today…” She was right. She gave me a feeling of joy that I can’t even explain. I love her.

My once tiny baby now weighs 10kg. Full of life. Full of energy. Loves to laugh. Loves to smile.”

“Last but not least, this is a lullaby I sang to my daughter in the kitchen at night. A video that touched millions of people around the world. She had to be born.

I was very lucky.

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