«Thorn Birds star Rachel Ward who is 65 fell in love with a co-star:😍 She is already Grandma!»

After starring in “The Thorn Birds” American actress Rachel Ward rose to fame.
Even though she is presently in her mid-60s, many don’t think she has changed much since starring in the series.
The series brought Ward not only recognition but also affection. Ward and her husband struck up a conversation on the set of the play, and their relationship quickly blossomed. However, the actress claims that it wasn’t love at first sight. She was married to Bryan Brown, who played Ward, the main character in the series. Despite their “basic” initial attraction, the couple’s relationship blossomed into a romantic one, which made their on-screen marriage actual.

Brown and Ward are still as much in love as they were when they first got married, forty years later. They tied the knot a few months after “The Thorn Birds” was shot. While acknowledging that the program has opened up many opportunities for her to find work and have other life-changing events, Ward is most appreciative of and proud of her continued marriage to Brown.
On one occasion, Brown offered to read Ward’s palm while they were on set. He informed her that she would have three children when she granted her permission. Then he began to jest like follows:

The reason for their disagreement was that they had gone to Ireland together so that Brown could film “Give My Regards to Wall Street.”Brown asserted that their disagreement was intense and that it would be best for them to get married because of how much they would disagree. Before relocating to Sydney, Australia, they got married at the house where Ward was raised. The pair revealed the keys to their enduring and contented marriage as they commemorated their 40th wedding anniversary. At 65, Ward has also flaunted her timeless beauty.

At the film’s Santa Barbara Film Festival premiere in February, Ward shared a photo of herself with Hilary Shapiro and Daryl Hannah. Rachel’s Farm is the name of the film. A few admirers expressed their excitement over seeing Ward in a film, while others were amazed at how stunning she still looked at 65.

Some called her a “goddess,” while others called her “fantastic.”Some followers said that Ward would always remind them of Meggie from “The Thorn Birds,” while another fan raved over how, in her spare time, Ward and her husband had created a family. The couple has two daughters, Rosie and Matilda, and a son, Joe.

With additional grandkids now under their belt, the couple treasures any chance to spend time with them. Brown feels a great yearning when he is compelled to spend time away from his family like he was when making a movie during COVID-19.

On the other hand, Brown and Ward are appreciative that everyone is well and treasure every second they spend with their family. Given the beauty of their family, many often wonder how they have managed to stay so happy and in love for such a long time.

The pair answers the question with ease each time. Now that their kids are grown and their careers have slowed down, Brown and Ward can spend more time together and have fewer responsibilities.

Ward likes showing off Brown on social media.

He once uploaded a photo of Brown with an unkempt hairstyle, an open shirt, and a semi-precious stone necklace. She remarked, “I have my complaints, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” What a gorgeous couple!

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