A man from the United States dug a tunnel alone for 38 years and then disappeared

A man from the United States dug a tunnel alone for 38 years. People thought he was crazy… And Once he disappeared… You will be shocked to know what happened to him…

At first they made fun of him, then they decided that he was just crazy

He dug a passage more than two kilometers long – and all the locals thought he was crazy. It turned out that not everything is so simple.

William “The Mole” Schmidt lived in a small mining town near El Paso Mountain. This is in the Mojave Desert, where in addition to scorpions, sand and rattlesnakes, there was a ton of gold.

The locals mined it. Everyone except Schmidt.

This strange little man came to Mount El Paso every day and dug his own tunnel. Day after day, year after year, without weekends or holidays. When asked why he was doing this, William replied: “It’s the shortest way. Soon you will understand everything.”

This “soon” stretched out for almost 40 years. During this time, Schmidt was overwhelmed by the rock, several times he was close to death. After one of these incidents, he became concerned about safety and seriously strengthened the walls of the tunnel, although this also took a lot of time.

He even laid rails to transport the rock. And he continued to work hard.

At first they made fun of him, then they decided that he was just crazy. And then he left him alone – the locals had enough to do. They only occasionally whispered among themselves and built theories about how this strange man lived and how he bought tools.

And one fine day Schmidt did not return to the town. Then several days passed. Then the residents decided to find out where he had disappeared to.

Led by the sheriff, they walked along the tunnel. It was dark, gloomy and a little creepy. After walking a few hundred meters, they gave up and returned to the surface. Schmidt was listed as missing and the wonderful man was forgotten. Until recently, no one else went down into the tunnel.

Only new professional freight forwarders decided to go through this “passage” and were amazed. It snaked 2,048 meters under the mountain – and it was all done by one single person. There were no remains there.

And on the walls of the tunnel there is a clear sign of a gold mine. Most likely, the “digger” still found gold, completely worked out the vein, and then disappeared.

And then Schmidt’s new answer about the shortest path became clear. It turned out that this was the path to wealth.

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