For the sake of her role in the series, she allowed this to be done to her…

American celebrity Naomi Grossman decided to radically change her appearance in order to get the role. However she is incredibly beautiful in real life … 

And what lengths people go to to achieve their goals. Principles can sometimes be the strongest incentive to achieve a certain result.

American celebrity Naomi Grossman decided to radically change her appearance in order to get the role of Pepper in the serial film “American Horror Story.” Although, in her real appearance, Naomi is a very attractive girl.

The profession of an actor in itself presupposes a person’s readiness for any changes for the benefit of the work. However, it often happens that some roles are not to the actors’ liking or force them to sacrifice important things. For example, disfigure your appearance to an unrecognizable state. Naomi Grossman, who received the right to play in the famous series, found herself in this situation.

Pepper appears before television viewers in the second part as one of the patients at the Briarcliff psychiatric clinic. This is a woman who gives the impression of a completely harmless person. She was captured and institutionalized for murdering her sister’s child. She drowned the baby and then cut off the child’s ears. In addition, the heroine suffers from a disease, which is characterized by a decrease in the size of the head and brain.

While at the clinic, Pepper tries to remain quiet and remain unnoticed. The emergence of her character comes as a surprise to viewers in the fourth season. They are told the story of Pepper’s life before she was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

What’s most striking is that Pepper’s character is not fictional. Her image is based on a specific person who died at the end of the twentieth century. Schlitzi gained popularity by traveling around the world with traveling artists and taking part in various fairs.

In order to get used to the role, actress Natalie Grossman was forced to cut her hair naked. The makeup process before filming began lasted three hours, day after day.

And here’s what the actress looks like in real life:

What can we say, what the actors are not capable of to get the coveted role. Definitely worthy of respect!

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