This woman is considered crazy because she decided to get pregnant at 61!

The mother came up with the idea, why shouldn’t she give birth to a child for her daughter?

At her very mature age, she was not afraid to get pregnant and give birth to a child. Not every woman would dare to take this step.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to have their own children. Some families dream of having kids, they try, but for one reason or another nothing works out. That’s how it was in the family of Sarah and Bill Connell, until Sarah’s mother suggested something surprising.

Sarah and Bill were the perfect couple, they loved each other very much. But they were unable to have a child. They underwent a long course of treatment for infertility. Finally, the test showed the long-awaited two stripes. But the couple rejoiced early…

An ultrasound showed they were expecting twin boys. How happy the Connells were. But the babies were born ahead of schedule and already dead. The second pregnancy was also unsuccessful and there was a miscarriage. Sarah and Bill were already desperate and almost gave up.

One day, 61-year-old Christina Casey turned to her daughter Sarah with an unexpected proposal. She was very worried about her daughter and could not watch her suffer.

Christina constantly thought about how she could help her daughter. Then she came across a real story about how one woman became a surrogate mother for her infertile sister. And then the thought occurred to Christina, why shouldn’t she give birth to a child for her daughter?

Christina believes that she was very happy when she was carrying her children. At first, Sarah and Bill were shocked by this proposal. After thinking for a long time, they finally decided to agree.

Doctors strongly doubted their success, because the surrogate mother was already over 60 years old at that time! At this age it is almost impossible to give birth to a normal child. But Christina did it.

The woman coped with everything safely. She was successfully implanted with her daughter’s fertilized egg. On the first try, the embryo implanted.

The Connells constantly protected Christina. Sarah’s father also supported his pregnant wife. The entire pregnancy went well. The baby was born by caesarean section.

The boy was born completely healthy and was named Finn. When the baby grew up, his parents did not hide the story of his birth from him. Finn’s attitude towards his parents and grandmother has not changed at all. In his opinion, it was “cool.”

Sarah decided to write a book about her story, where she told what she and her mother had to go through. The publication sold out in large quantities and brought the writer great fame.

People around her treat Christina differently. Some people consider it a heroic act to risk their health for the sake of their daughter. Others condemn, considering surrogacy not natural. But in any case, without the help of this woman, the cheerful, smart and perfectly healthy baby Finn would not have been in the world. Christina made her daughter immensely happy and that makes life worth living.

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