“I wanted to be a man.” What the actress looks like after her transition from Ellen to Elliot

Shocking news !!! The actress Ellen changed her gender and became a boy. Why did she do this to herself? There is not a drop of masculinity in this frail boy. You should see her for yourself.

You can’t argue against nature 😳

On February 21, actor Elliot Page celebrated her 35th birthday. Few people know that Page lived most of his life under the name Ellen. A couple of years ago, actress Ellen Page stunned the Internet with her confession.

The actress, who had changed beyond recognition, showed photos after plastic surgery, asking fans to address her as Elliot. “I always wanted to be a man. And I’m glad to appear before you in a new image,” the actor signed his photo.

Many fans did not support Elliott in his decision, turning away from the Hollywood star. Loyal fans rushed to defend their idol, giving him pleasant compliments and words of support.

What do you say? I would like to know your opinion. Do you support Elliott in his decision?

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