«The Empress Of Little Rock is more luxurious inside!😲😍Where is it and how much does it cost?»

The Empress of Little Rock is the new name for the Hornibrook Mansion.

This 9,500-square-foot turnkey facility comes with all the furniture, company space, and real estate you need to carry on its heritage. Constructed in 1888, the Hornibrook House is an exceptional architectural marvel, renowned for its remarkable Queen Anne-style architecture.

It is one of the best examples of its sort in the nation and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original owner’s desire to possess the most prestigious residence of his day is embodied in the Empress.

It still exists today as a tribute to that goal, providing guests with a luxurious and iconic experience.
In addition to being a profitable bed and breakfast, The Empress offers the potential for extra income as a small-scale wedding venue and event space. The Empress of Little Rock is more than simply a piece of real estate; with its rich history and enduring beauty, it is a piece of living history that is just waiting for its next owner to appreciate.

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