What do the children and husband of a woman whose height is 127 cm look like?

This woman whose height is 127cm took a risk and not only she got married, but also gave birth to 3 children. You will be shocked seeing her children.

A risky woman, of course. Not every woman with such a diagnosis would decide to give birth to three children. Now the poor things will face the same problems as their mother

Meet Charlie. This woman’s height is only 127 cm. Despite her peculiarity, Charlie managed to find her soul mate and became the mother of wonderful babies.

Charlie’s husband is only 10 cm taller than his wife and 11 years older than his chosen one. Photos of the couple are being zealously discussed on the Internet. “Very beautiful couple. The children are so wonderful”, “Great family”, “Happiness to you”,

“It’s so good that you didn’t shy away and gave the children life,” “I don’t understand her. She knew what she was getting into,” “Did you wish the same fate for your children? You went through this, why subject them to such tests,” I read in the comments.

What do you say? How do you feel about such couples?

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