«Why the owners of McDonald’s has turned its golden arches upside down?🤔 That’s interesting to know!»

To honor women and serve as a reminder that they are all extraordinary in their special ways, McDonald’s turned its famous arches upside down.
The company decided to flip Mickey’s arches on International Women’s Day, a “global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.”

Many were so shocked by the transformation and thought they had visited a foreign planet that they conjectured it had anything to do with the company’s ongoing conflict with Wendy’s.
However, they were entirely mistaken. As part of a “celebration of women everywhere,” the logo has been reversed instead, a spokesman said.McDonald’s decided to change its Lynwood, California location’s signage while maintaining the same social media branding.

At the same time, staff members wore caps and shirts with the “W” form, and 100 restaurants around the nation offered unique packaging with the emblem.
According to Lauren Altman, a business spokeswoman, the new design was made to commemorate women globally. “We have a long history of empowering women to advance and prosper in the workplace.”

We are pleased to announce that six out of ten restaurant managers in the US are now women. We’re proud of our variety,” she continued.
The corporation will refresh its logo on all social media channels, and 100 websites will receive new “packaging, crew shirts, hats, and bag stuffers.” McDonald’s isn’t the only company that supports gender equality and rewards women. In the past, Johnnie Walker released a “Jane Walker” bottle in celebration of women, with $1 from the sale of each bottle going to organizations that promote women’s rights. “In society, gender conversations are still very important, and we believe that this is the perfect time to launch our Jane Walker logo and support progressive groups that share our values,” Vice President Stephanie Jacoby of Johnnie Walker said.

“We are proud to honor the numerous accomplishments of women as well as everyone’s progress toward gender equality.”
One of the companies supporting the initiative was Brawny, which replaced the Brawny Man with a woman and donated $100,000 to Girls, Inc.
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