🤔«She doesn’t want to lose weight but wants to look stylish, so stylists helped her with a transformation! It’s difficult to recognize her.»😲

In a “Fashion Verdict” episode, 33-year-old Valentina Volosnikova—a lively single lady who is passionate about her food and pet—became the focal point of a fashion revolution.

Valentina was nominated for a fashion makeover by her friends Olga and Alexei, who thought the stylists on the program might give her life new energy. Known for being the life of the party, Valentina added her vitality to the production.

With her attitude, Valentina frequently disagreed with the hosts of the show and resisted their criticism. She conducts herself with royal ease and accepts her figure with confidence, seeing no health issues with her weight.

The visitors on the show made clothing choices for Valentina, but their first choices fell flat. Even though Valentina was unconvinced by the explanation, a dress with vertical stripes is typically considered slimming.

On the second try, Valentina liked the white T-shirt and shoes that went with it, but she didn’t think the trouser suit looked well on him. But the third try was successful. Valentina was drawn to a red outfit that was given to her, even though she usually dislikes the color red. The stylists for the show then started working on Valentina’s makeover. Valentina’s regal character was emphasized in her first makeover with a chic haircut, a fresh coat of hair, and an ensemble that emphasized her elegance.

Valentina seemed more put-together and slim in the second look, which highlighted her brighter, sleeker side. This outfit, in particular, impressed her.

The metamorphosis was considered a success, as Valentina seemed increasingly sophisticated and poised. Encouraging her to change her eating habits to healthier options is still a difficulty.

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