🤨What’s Happened? Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s daughter, who is 15, shares her new buzz cut in a photo! 😳

The daughter of former Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Seraphina Affleck, 15, was recently seen waiting for her school bus with her mother on a Tuesday morning. In the images that surfaced online, Seraphina was wearing a casual outfit.

She had a buzz cut, an olive-colored bag, leggings, and a beige pullover on.
Seraphina’s dramatic haircut contrasts sharply with her previous year’s bob hairstyle.

The adolescent, who was wearing headphones at the time of the sighting, also provoked a variety of reactions from the public. Observers have seen parallels between Seraphina and her father, Ben Affleck, as a result of her new hairdo.

Comments ranged from direct comparisons with her father to expressions of concern for the little child’s well-being. However, many online commentators have praised Seraphina for her hairstyle choice, praising her buzz cut as a chic statement.

A few comments praised Seraphina’s uniqueness, exclaiming over how adorable the costume was and suggesting that Seraphina add extra color to make it more vibrant.

Some even made the comparison to Demi Moore’s well-known appearance.
Despite Seraphina’s rise to fame, her mother, Jennifer Garner, is in favor of her choice to abstain from social media.

Garner has always made it clear that she wants to keep her kids’ lives private and out of the public eye on social media.

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