Confidence Test: What You See First Reveals Your Character

According to the creators of this optical illusion, what you see first reveals a secret truth about your personality.

TikTok star Charles Meriot shares optical illusions and personality tests on his page, where comment sections are full of viewers debating the accuracy of psychological readings.

If the first thing you saw was a rooster

This means you are very shy. You only like attention when you’re in the right mood.

You may feel embarrassed when given praise or gratitude and feel confused when given compliments.

You don’t like to be the center of attention, you start to blush and feel embarrassed. It seems to you that people around you are critical of you.

Sometimes you find it difficult to say “no” and refuse other people’s requests.

If the first thing you saw were lips

This means that you are confident, strong and independent. But this has a downside: you can be a little stubborn and aggressive when things don’t go your way.

You objectively assess your own capabilities and skills. But sometimes you can show self-confidence – overconfidence in your own uniqueness.

Usually you know in advance how to start and conduct a conversation, know how to refuse, speak openly about your demands and feelings, and directly express your opinion.

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