Grandma, calm down already. 63-year-old Madonna photographed herself in fishnets and pantaloons

 Vulgar!! Not for your age!!! Being over 60 not every model will decide to take pictures in such swimming trunks and mesh tights 😳🥴 You should see it for yourself… 

I can’t even believe that the incomparable Madonna is far over 60. Not long ago, the Hollywood diva celebrated her 63rd birthday in the company of her young lover. Recently, Madonna delighted the Internet with her interesting photographs, perplexing her fans.

“What’s going on with her?”, “Why is she posting this?”, “Does the old lady have dementia?”, “Why so much Photoshop?”, “I don’t recognize Madonna,” “She used to be more interesting,” “Lost her zest,”

“Cool”, “Gives a head start to any 20-year-old”, “Beautiful woman”, “Rejuvenated next to the young chosen one,” write Instagram users.

Do you agree with them?

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