She turned into a homely housewife. What 50-year-old Diaz looks like when she left Hollywood

I abandoned my career and devoted myself to motherhood 😒 Once attractive actress Cameron Diaz became a standard housewife. You will be shocked seeing how unkempt she looks like now …

50-year-old Hollywood star Cameron Diaz abandoned her career, devoting herself to her family. Recall that Diaz was one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood. Cameron stunned fans with the decision to end her career.

Diaz disappeared from the screens at the peak of her popularity. Now Cameron can be found on walks with her daughter. The actress has changed a lot. Diaz’s fans are indignant that the actress stopped taking care of herself and turned into a housewife.

“Cameron is unrecognizable”, “She was so beautiful”, “She stopped taking care of herself”, “She looks great for her age”, “Don’t forget that she is soon 50 years old”, “She did the right thing. A woman is born for a family,”

“Very beautiful and talented,” “It’s a pity that she doesn’t act anymore,” I read in the comments under Diaz’s pictures.

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