«This Flat is Dimensionless and it’s fantastic!😲She arranged everything she required in just 300 square feet!»👏

Let’s start by examining the flat as it was when the designers first started working on it. At 28.6 square meters, the studio is quite large—it’s about the size of a typical one-bedroom apartment. Its arrangement, meanwhile, is problematic because of the combined area and one window. Despite this, let’s examine the change.

The owner decided on a specific design, dividing the living area visually with a glass divider. This decision successfully divided the sleeping and lounging sections while giving the impression of one room.
The kitchen/living area was allotted a little more than 10 square meters, while the bedroom was only allotted 8.5 square meters.

In her blog, Dasha Dubkova described how difficult it was to put a desk, bed, couch bed, dining table, kitchen appliances, and storage in this little area.
Though the glass divider is a popular zoning technique, certain questions have been raised concerning its usefulness. Adding more curtains to provide seclusion was suggested; however, it was acknowledged that expert design advice was necessary.

A noteworthy aspect of the layout is the presence of a bed and a sofa, which are uncommon in studio flats. The owner’s demands are met by the sofa, which can be used for both lounging and hosting guests.

The color black appears often throughout the flat, adding to its chic atmosphere. To preserve the elegant look of the inside, dark blinds were used rather than drapes.

The primary storage options are grouped in the corridor and mix in perfectly with the kitchen. The efficient use of space is maximized by this careful integration.
Lastly, the bathroom provides an insight into the studio’s general level of comfort and refinement. The makeover presents a cozy living area that appears to be unrestricted by money. It is evidence of innovative design approaches to small-space living.

To sum up, the remodeled apartment offers a fascinating look at small-space living, exhibiting creative design strategies that optimize comfort and space.

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