An Australian citizen managed to build the narrowest house on the entire planet. How do you like his home? Would you like to live in one?

An Australian artist built the narrowest house in the world. Not only the house is narrow, but also all the things inside it. You should see it for yourself… I bet you haven’t seen such a thing before.

An artist from Austria named Erwin Wurm built a very narrow house. In his opinion, this is what the most ordinary living space should look like. In the project, the artist managed to embody all his childhood memories of his parents’ home. In the home, even the furniture is presented in a compressed form.

Erwin’s creative experiment raises many important themes. The house causes a lot of thoughts in people, which are associated with limited personal space.

The art installation of a narrow house was created to make a person stop and think about how the external space influences his personal world. This is especially true for fear associated with the loss of one’s own space.

With the help of a narrow house, Erwin wants to demonstrate to others not only an unusual architectural creation, but also to make people rethink their opinion about living space, comfort and safety.

The house is the so-called crossed out place, where all fears, understatements, and doubts are displayed. In general, everything that affects a person’s mental state.

Wurm’s unique house poses a challenge for people to learn to perceive space not only visually, but also with their senses. A person must understand how his environment affects his real self.

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