Bianca Censori copied Kim Kardashian’s outfit exactly: fans are sure it was the work of Kanye West

Bianca Censori came out in exactly the same outfit which Kim Kardashian wore some years ago. She copied Kim’s outfit… Fans are sure that Kanye made the model wear it… 

When Kanye West just started an affair with Bianca Censori, the public was sure that the model would definitely not become friends with Kim Kardashian. No matter how it is! The rapper’s two lovers – former and current – were even seen together at his concert. Nevertheless, information continues to appear on the Internet that Kanye wants to annoy his ex-wife, including by “undressing” Bianca in public.

Over time, understanding the relationship between the musician’s two women becomes more difficult. If only because after all the talk about Bianca and Kim’s friendship, the model came out in exactly the same outfit. Last evening, paparazzi caught the model with her husband at a party in honor of the birthday of a fellow musician. She was wearing a white mini with an extreme neckline – suspiciously similar to what Kim wore in March 2014, a few months after her wedding to Kanye.

Whether Bianca’s gesture is regarded as inspiration or copying is, of course, up to loyal fans of the celebrity to decide. But what it really is, one can only guess. But we suggest you not forget: an insider said that Kanye is planning to launch his own lingerie brand (to spite Kim), and is using Bianca to test the public’s reaction.
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