I don’t believe my eyes!😮This very very big egg under the hen surprised everyone! 🤔What can be in it?(Video)

Eggs are a staple breakfast food that may be eaten scrambled or poached. They provide a great energy boost throughout the day. When paired with bacon, tomatoes, and cheese, they form a nutritious dinner. While it’s rare and exciting to find a double-yolked egg, a farmer in Texas found something even more amazing: two eggs.

Many individuals continue to doubt the existence of double-shelled eggs, despite video evidence to the contrary. This event occurs when an almost-ready egg inside the hen switches direction, getting an additional layer of albumen and a second shell, according to Poultry Help. The Countryside Network refers to this reversal as a “counter-peristalsis contraction.”

A video that was uploaded to YouTube in July 2015 by a man who described himself as “just an old Texas farmer marveling at nature” has amassed over 3 million views.

He held it up and showed it to us, a huge egg laid by a regular-sized chicken. In the video, the farmer can be seen gently tapping the egg before cracking the shell open to reveal the yolk.”Well, it looks like there’s another surprise here,” he remarks with a giggle. “One egg, two eggs!”

The inside of the egg is then removed while he pours out the yolk. He says proudly, “Forget double yolks—we’re talking double eggs here.”

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