It took an ordinary schoolboy seven years to create a house. Look what he did

A schoolboy decided to build a small house, where he could spend his free time. It took him 7 years. I bet you couldn’t do that when you were at school. You should see it for yourself… 

Hello to all my readers! Today I really want to tell you the story of my hut, which has gained well-deserved fame. I started its construction seven years ago, in 2016. I was barely ten years old then.

Surely, you are curious why my modest building has become so popular. I’ll tell you a secret. Its creation was watched by thousands of viewers with access to the Internet. The hut video has 80 million views on my YouTube channel. The modest house that I initially built with a friend, and then on my own, was even written about in the media, and I was also shown on TV.

How did I come up with the idea to build a house?

I wanted to build my own home, where I could play and spend all my free time. The idea of ​​creating a hut crept into my head in 2016. From that moment on, the construction of a small building began, more reminiscent of a country toilet. But for me this was also quite acceptable. Initially, this is where I stopped.

But several years passed, and I realized that I was starting to get enough of this space. So I started remodeling, or rather expanding my hut. Gradually, several more rooms were added to the dwelling. Now the place to relax has become much larger.

Materials that were used for construction. I found a friend wherever I could.

Sometimes we took them near old, abandoned buildings. Everything was done in-house.

And now seven years have passed. Now I’m doing the hut alone. My friend can no longer help me due to personal circumstances, to be honest, he is no longer interested.

I don’t stop there. I continue to improve my house. I am happy to share my creation with my subscribers.

We all created a real miracle. Look at the first photo of my hut and the last one. It’s hard to believe that my building was so modest; now it looks more like a beautiful, well-kept house.

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