«Just look inside! The man decided to change his living place!😮This amazing house is made by him.»👏

Den Preiss started to want more after growing used to the monotonous daily routine of city life. He was dissatisfied with the steady pace of daily life and made the decision to leave up the luxurious amenities of city living in pursuit of a simpler existence.Den left his job and family behind to embark on a journey into the heart of nature. Den initially set up camp in the forest before moving from that temporary haven to a permanent home.

He had an idea for a house that blended in with the surroundings, inspired by the rugged charm of the dwellings shown in “The Lord of the Rings.” That’s how the idea of a dug-out home was born.

Den obtained a plot of land, worked out his idea, and meticulously worked the dirt to form the walls and ceiling of his underground haven. Each compartment was designed with great care, featuring interconnecting passageways that brought to mind the hobbit holes from his favorite film.

Den persevered despite the challenges of building and the physical demands of beginning again because he was driven to create an atmosphere that reflected his recently found sense of freedom.

Eventually, his humble abode took shape, providing him with all he needed to live peacefully in the middle of nowhere.These days, Den is content and at ease in his remote haven.
Freed from the constraints of city living, he enjoys the inherent simplicity of his surroundings and finds satisfaction in the rhythm of the natural world. While he occasionally does a part-time job to support himself, living a true life in balance with the land remains his major objective.

Den sees his dugout house as a representation of his perseverance, creativity, and unwavering commitment to living the life that best suits him, rather than just a place to live.
Looking out from his serene abode, surrounded by the beauty of nature, he realizes he has found his true home—a place where he can be himself without caring about what other people think of him.

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