One gets the impression that this house came out of a real fairy tale. This amazing home is 500 years old. Look how a friendly family lives here

This house which has a history of 500 years seems like from a fairy tale. However it is not an abandoned one. A family lives there. The interior will definitely amaze you… I bet you haven’t seen such a thing before.

Try to imagine a house that was created several hundred years ago, namely in the 16th century. In the region where I live, such buildings may seem like something fantastic to residents. Indeed, populated areas are becoming empty, wooden houses begin to become damp, disappear, rot, and the brick slowly crumbles and turns into a pile of stones.

What is happening is explained by population outflow and migration. Young people are trying to move to larger cities, and older people are decreasing in number over time. Citizens who want to live in silence outside the city give preference to a new building instead of someone else’s old house.

But sometimes in the corners of a large planet you can find historical buildings that have survived to this day. One such unique place is an old area in the English county of Gloucestershire called the Cotswolds. This is actually a real blessing for countryside fans.

Today I would like to tell the readers of my channel about a house that was built in the 16th century. Since those ancient times, it has changed many owners. The current owners of the mansion are a family from London. The husband is a businessman, and the wife works as a designer.

The historic property, located in the Cotswolds, doesn’t often come up for sale. But if such a rarity happens, realtors are not provided with this information. The thing is that there is a huge demand for real estate. Competitors are vying with each other to want to live in such a unique corner of nature.

The atmosphere around the old house is warm, the people living here are friendly, the neighbors communicate with each other. Even citizens who have long left the county often return to the cozy area to once again stroll along the pretty streets and enjoy the splendor of the unique Cotswolds.

“When we talked about how we wanted to buy an old house, my mother received a lot of letters. They all came from the former owners of the mansion. People wrote that they spent the best years of their lives here,” says the current owner of the historic home.

You won’t believe it, but to this day, the former owners of the cottage come to visit to share warm and pleasant memories of those distant times when they felt very good here.

Let’s try to virtually wander around a cozy home. Let’s start our tour from the kitchen. This room is also used as a dining room. The interior of the room is made in rich and bright colors. The kitchen set has a rich shade of fresh grass. The walls are decorated with colorful plates. You can’t ignore textiles. There are a lot of tablecloths in the kitchen, there is a carpet on the floor, and the furniture upholstery is also made of colorful fabric.

The collection of jugs looks unusual and fascinating. She immediately attracts attention. All the furniture in the historic house is made in vintage style. The current owner of the cottage selected the fabric for the upholstered furniture herself.

It’s hard to miss the transition leading from the living room to the spacious kitchen. The walls here are decorated with mural paintings. It was inherited by the current owners from the former owners. Behind the chair on the wall you can see paintings. They are painted in watercolor. The great-grandmother of the new owner of the house created the artistic masterpieces.

In the room intended for children, two girls live – the daughters of the owners of the mansion.

The bedroom is great. There are gorgeous linens that pair perfectly with the table lamps. Original plates hang on the wall as decoration.

The parents’ bedroom is on the second floor. There is a bench next to the bed. It was painted by the mother of the owner of the house.

The cottage also has a guest room. It is decorated with French bedspreads. They are the most expensive things in the guest bedroom.

Curious what you have to say about the restroom?

In addition to the main and guest toilets, the house also has a bathroom. It is very spacious, but at the same time cozy.


Our tour of the historic mansion ends. Tell us about your impressions.

Did you like this unique historic home? Do you think it is appropriate to use such bright colors, decor and patterns in one space?

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