Paparazzi caught seriously ill Bruce Willis during a rare walk with an assistant: photo

Like an old grandfather. Seriously ill Bruce Willis was caught by paparazzi. His appearance became worse then ever. 

Due to progressive dementia, Bruce Willis appears in public less and less – the last time the paparazzi managed to photograph him was in December last year, almost immediately after the news that the “die nut” hardly speaks and does not enjoy life. By the way, the latter was denied by his wife Emma Heming, saying that such stories are far from the truth and only scare people suffering from a similar diagnosis. The other day, the actor was “caught” again during a rare walk with an assistant in California.

And although the actor’s relatives continue to share joyful photos and videos with him together, fans emphasized that in the paparazzi photographs it is much more noticeable that the light in his eyes is gradually going out. “It’s heartbreaking what’s happening to him,” wrote one The Mirror reader.

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