Paris Hilton named the reason why she hides her newborn daughter from fans and admitted that she dreams of a third child

Paris Hilton always shares photos with her son, however she tries to hide her daughter. You will be shocked to know why she does that…

Paris Hilton has quite successfully transformed herself from a wild and selfish it-girl into a mother of two angels. Now her personal blog consists entirely of photographs of her one-year-old son and gratitude for a better life. True, celebrities still prefer not to show their newborn daughter London. It turns out that there are reasons for this, and they are inextricably linked with Paris’s past.

In a fresh interview with E! Hilton admitted that she has been an open book all her life, and now she wants to keep something just for herself. Having gone through all the stages of publicity, Paris realized that she wanted something different for her daughter and is now trying to protect her from the public. Well, at least temporarily. “I feel like my life has been so public… So I just wanted to keep my little girl to myself. “I will show it to the world soon because people continue to be interested,” the 43-year-old celebrity shared.

By the way, Paris Hilton liked the role of mother so much that she is thinking about a third child. “I’m having the most incredible time. I’ve never been happier. They are the cutest little angels. I would really like London to have a sister because my sister and I have a very close relationship. Right now I’m just enjoying them both. But it would be really amazing,” she added.

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