“They did the most important thing for him – they gave him a future”: a baby with genetic characteristics, how his fate turned out in a family of loving adoptive parents

Nobody wanted to take this baby from the orphanage becuse he could not eat and drink on his own, and his one leg was missing. But a kind woman took him and now he is unrecognizable. How the baby lives now???

For some women, motherhood is a burden. And others try to do everything possible to give the child all the warmth and sincere love. This is exactly what Nika is, namely loving and caring. She is a heroine, but not because she gave birth to many children, but because she has a big and kind heart.

Nika is married and has a beloved daughter. Everything was going great in the young woman’s life. But for complete happiness, she wanted to give a future to a tiny boy who lived in an orphanage.

Having made a decision, Nika came to her husband and asked him to adopt the child. The husband supported the woman he loved. The couple did everything possible to take the boy named Rustam. The baby had many different diseases and pathologies. Nobody wanted to take him.

The baby had a congenital irregular face shape, so he could not eat and drink on his own. He was fed from a tube. Also, the boy was missing one leg, and this caused him even more discomfort.

To date, an incredible amount of work has been done on Rustam. The adoptive parents took their son to specialists; thanks to the efforts of the doctors, the child was unrecognizable. The boy now knows how to eat and drink without outside help. He also walks with the help of a prosthesis. The baby has his own profile on social networks. Subscribers often write admiring comments and admire the child’s parents and the bravest and most resilient boy.

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