«This is a crazy idea!😳 A guy bought 400 feet of plastic to cover his house for $8300.»(Photos)

Almost nothing is safe from the damage that natural catastrophes may bring about. A few examples of extreme weather phenomena that can result in damage worth millions of dollars are storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
Texas native Randy Wagner took precise precautions to keep his home safe during hurricane season. Randy may have spent up to $8,300 on a 400-foot plastic sheet to protect his home from water caused by hurricanes.

It was deemed absurd by many of his neighbors and acquaintances, who thought it was absurd to spend so much money on plastic and take so long to install. They found Randy’s incredibly prudent decision to protect his house from the storm to be absurd. Contrary to what his neighbors thought, Randy erected a 400-foot wall around his property to keep the water out. Ultimately, the $8,300 he invested shielded him from potential losses that might have cost up to $15,000.

Like Randy, you have to know what precautions to take when a storm is approaching. These basic recommendations might be useful.
Before getting an order to evacuate, it’s important to maintain awareness of your surroundings and familiarity with the most effective escape routes. Make accommodations for yourself as well. Stow everything you’ll need in an emergency kit bag, including cash, basic first aid items, a torch, batteries, and prescription medications.
You shouldn’t ever be instructed to leave and then come back home. If you are staying put and haven’t been told to evacuate, stock up on emergency supplies that will last you several days if you lose access to power or water.

Storms may change direction suddenly and abruptly. Additionally, confirm that every phone has a full charge in case the power is cut off.

On your trip home, steer clear of driving or walking across floodwaters since they can be dangerous and hide dangerous locations where the ground is unstable or has been washed away.
There is a chance that fallen power wires will contaminate the water with electricity. Take a picture of the damaged items for the insurance company’s benefit.
Please join us in prayer for anybody who has lost loved ones due to the recent hurricanes. Always use caution. Being careful is preferable to regretting it.

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