Lopez bought a palace for 60 million to live with her live-in husband (photo)

 Affleck got himself a goldfish! 😯👏 Jennifer Lopez bought a palace worth 60million dollars. Wooow!!! It is incredible, the most luxurious house I have ever seen… 

Jennifer Lopez pampers her future husband with expensive gifts. Recently, footage from the celebrity couple’s move appeared in the media. The future Mrs. Affleck has acquired real estate.

The luxurious mansion cost Jennifer $60 million, can you imagine? Fans of the couple have already discussed what they saw in the comments under the journalists’ post.

“Ben got married successfully”, “Enviable bride”, “I wish I had such a wife”, “What a gorgeous mansion”, “A whole palace”, “Ben was lucky with his future wife”, “We never dreamed of such luxury”,

“Jennifer is much more popular than her husband. Everyone would have forgotten about him if it weren’t for Lopez,” “Beautiful couple,” “Affleck was taking root,” I read in the comments under the pictures.

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