Mom’s dream came true: her daughter earned money and transformed the house!

Always living in poor conditions, the girl dreamed of renovating her parents’ house. Now she could afford it. After the renovation her mother couldn’t recognize the house. She was all in tears… See the before – after photos …

Until Marina turned eighteen, her life was inextricably linked with her parents’ apartment. Marina’s family budget did not abound in wealth – her mother worked as a tram driver, and her father, faced with disability, was forced to retire. The parents’ income was barely enough to cover basic needs such as food and simple clothing.

From early childhood, Marina was aware of the need to support her parents and improve their financial situation. She actively experimented with various methods of earning money, including posting notices and handing out leaflets. In addition, she worked in a small store owned by family friends. Despite all her efforts, Marina was never able to significantly improve her family’s financial situation.

The only bright hope that Marina attached importance to was the opportunity to receive a quality education. The girl proudly overcame the test of the Unified State Exam and was able to take on the burden of studying on a budget basis at a university in a distant city. While still very young, at eighteen, she decided to leave her parents’ house and set out on a journey of self-education.

Already at school, she coped with her studies with perseverance and determination and at the same time found time for part-time work, dreaming of how, as soon as she could earn a stable income, she could help her parents with the repairs and renovation of their long-needed parental apartment.

Marina worked tirelessly at several jobs for almost a year and a half. It was a difficult journey, but every effort put in was worth it – she managed to save enough money to begin the long-awaited process of renovating the old family apartment.

To save money, most of the work was done by family members with their own hands. Together they penetrated every corner of the apartment, refreshed the walls with a new color, updated the radiators and changed the curtains. Old wooden floors were turned into shiny laminate, and some new furniture was purchased at competitive prices by rescuing old sofas using skilled craftsmen. Marina’s future plans are to earn money for a new look for the entire apartment, inviting specialists only to install the ceilings.

Marina found the materials she needed at sales and discounts, which gave her the opportunity to save money.

While the holidays are underway, Marina and her family managed to complete work in only one room. But after the session, the girl had ambitious plans to completely transform the kitchen and bathroom.

At first, Marina’s family doubted that she would be able to save enough money for these repairs. But as soon as they entered the building materials store, it became clear to them that their long-desired dream was becoming closer to reality.

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