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St. Helens native Kelly Barker describes a lifetime battle with obesity, hiding for years in baggy clothes and avoiding facing her reflection in full-length mirrors.
Kelly, a primary school teacher, had a turning point when she realized that something needed to change after feeling extremely ashamed to view a picture of herself at a family get-together.

Looking back on her experience, Kelly remembers feeling excluded in school, which was typified by a traumatic experience with a nutritionist and subsequent isolation at lunch because of food restrictions.

These encounters exacerbated Kelly’s self-esteem issues by creating a vicious cycle of erratic eating that alternated between overindulgence and restraint.

Kelly developed a routine of curating her social media presence and avoiding full-length mirrors. She took comfort in wearing big, form-fitting apparel to hide her physique.

The moment Kelly was given more teaching responsibilities was pivotal because it forced her to face her physical limits. Kelly was thrilled to be nominated for Teacher of the Year, but it also made her realize how inconsistently she encouraged her pupils to lead healthy lifestyles while ignoring her health.

Gathering courage, Kelly joined Slimming World and experienced a tremendous transformation as a result of the community’s support and friendship. Kelly’s journey, which included losing 10 clothes sizes and 115 kg, is the definition of tenacity and willpower.

Today, Kelly not only promotes academic success but also encourages her pupils to lead healthy lifestyles, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Acknowledging her renewed energy, Kelly went on a trip to a waterfall, which represented her victory over previous constraints.

She was overcome with emotion at the peak and marveled at the beauty of the surroundings, which was a sign of her newfound independence and confidence.
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