«It was her big dream! 😍A Finnish artist, fifty years old, bought an abandoned mill to live in after selling her house!»😲

A wonderful 71-year-old artist named Hilkka lives in a tranquil rural area of Finland. Hilkka is a living example of the real spirit of perseverance and pursuing aspirations despite obstacles or age. The Path to Satisfaction: Hilkka took a risk when he was 51. She sold everything she owned, including her car, her Turku apartment, and her items, leaving just her bicycle and one suit, to buy and renovate a 1920s mill. Her brother’s aid and loans provided financial support. Hilkka was a talented artist, but her artwork hadn’t yet generated much money. The mill had seen better days; a dilapidated fence and neglected greenery encircled it.

It was a grain mill before it was abandoned and left in decay for many years. It had been a sawmill until 1964.
Others questioned Hilkka’s capacity to turn this abandoned building into a habitable area. Ten years were spent on the massive improvements, for which Hilkka used her life savings, obtained loans, and recruited friends and volunteers.

Never giving up, she took on the overgrowth, partially dismantled the structure and fashioned it into a house while facing personal setbacks, including a fractured ankle and two strokes.

Hilkka now lives in the mill, which also functions as an art gallery displaying her creations. Her creative talent is evident in the décor of the house, which features paintings, carpets made by hand, antique furniture, and a fireplace constructed out of bricks from the mill.

The first level of the mill is divided into a workshop and gallery area, with residential accommodations above.
At the age of 71, Hilkka still resides in her beloved mill, where she creates art, entertains guests, and serves as an inspiration to everyone.

Hilkka enjoys sharing her story with both tourists and the media. She had expected, at most, a limited number of visitors to her gallery, but thousands of people came in the first few months, much to her surprise.

No matter your age, Hilkka’s story serves as a potent reminder that it’s never too late to follow your passions and take on obstacles head-on.

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