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The SS “Cotopaxi,” a ship that went missing in the Bermuda Triangle over a century ago, was discovered by the Cuban Coast Guard in the Caribbean Sea, making it an incredible discovery. On May 16, the unmanned ship was seen in an area off-limits to navigation near Havana. The Cuban authorities subsequently reported the finding. The Coast Guard team was shocked to discover, upon closer inspection, that the ship was in a serious state of disrepair and that no one was on board, indicating that it had been abandoned for a long time.

Subsequent investigation proved that this was, in fact, the SS “Cotopaxi,” reported to have vanished mysteriously.
The authenticity of the log was verified by Cuban historical expert Rodolfo Cruz Salvador. Although the journal had several daily entries detailing the crew’s lives, it tragically provided no hints on the events leading up to the ship’s disappearance.December 1, 1925, was the last entry in the ship’s log. On that day, the SS “Cotopaxi” sent out a distress signal and became quiet, disappearing from human awareness for over nine decades. The ship was formally declared missing on December 31, 1925, which increased the mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. With Captain Meyer and 32 crew members on board, the SS “Cotopaxi” sailed from Charleston, South Carolina, on November 29, 1925, with 2,340 tons of coal headed for Havana.

Its disappearance remains one of the several unanswered mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, a region bounded by Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda that is well-known for the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes.While some explain these disappearances as the result of alien or paranormal action, most scientists reject these explanations, attributing the disappearances to natural events and navigational mistakes instead. But after such a lengthy hiatus, the SS “Cotopaxi” has surfaced again, sparking discussion and scrutiny among the scientific world and possibly calling into question the accepted theories behind the Bermuda Triangle’s mysterious origins.

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