«This girl spent a lot of money to become beautiful!😟Unfortunately it has opposite effect!»

The age-old subject of young girls seeking beauty in many contexts never goes out of style. Many people make an effort to live up to conventional standards of beauty, but who gave them these “ideals”? Introducing Serena Smith, a Toronto, Canada-based manager and aspiring vocalist who thought she was too ordinary and uninteresting. She had a rather attractive face at first, even though her hair was a little messy.

“I used to feel very ordinary and unattractive, often overlooked and blending into the crowd,” Serena said in a recent interview. But these days, men can’t help but notice me because of the way I look!
At the age of 18, Serena had her breasts augmented. She then had changes made to her lips, eyes, nose, and face, as well as other aesthetic injections like Botox.

Serena is unwavering in her belief that perfection is unattainable, even in the face of her lover Tyler’s entreaties to stop having further procedures.

Tyler argues that Serena is already attractive, but she wants to change her breast size once again. Serena is currently concentrating on her singing career. Serena is excited about the increased lip volume and is certain that he will love her new breasts even more.

Although Serena’s foray into the world of glamor can appear innocent to some, prudence is advised.

Which is better, her metamorphosis before or after, in your opinion?

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