«After a hard day, police officers take a bite to eat.😍They are shocked to see what is printed on check!»😲

Four Louisiana police officers decided to have supper at Outback Steakhouse because they were hungry while working their normal hours. They were unaware that the waiter and manager had seen their uniforms the moment they stepped in and had planned to leave them a note on their receipt.
A restaurant employee pays for a police officer’s dinner.

Every day, law enforcement officers put their lives in danger to keep the public safe. An employee at a restaurant made the unusual choice to thank the local police!
The Slidell police officers frequently eat lunch, supper, and sometimes late-night meals at the nearby Outback Steakhouse. Manager Arline Wood only had good things to say about the cops who visited her eatery! Server Zoe thinks the boys are the cutest, and she loves having them in.

Arline cherishes their continued business relationship, and they constantly treat the staff with professionalism and respect. That night, two employees decided to provide some of the police officers who had come after their shift with some additional care. The Outback couple collected the checks for the four cops who were out to dinner that night!
These women were able to show their gratitude and admiration for the local law enforcement officers! I hope more people will read this book and learn from it as a way to give back. Such a positive action effectively offsets all the negativity in the world.

Please help us by spreading the news so that others will be inspired to thank those who lost their lives to protect us.

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