If only you could see this cute country house! 20 square meters, but not a hint of cramped space

This house has a history of almost 100 years. If only you could see the inside of this cute country house! 20 square meters, but not a hint of cramped space.

The history of this cottage is amazing; it was built by a woman. Her name was Alma, she built the house before the war, in the 30s of the last century. Yes, she probably dreamed that the house would stand for a hundred years, and soon her dream would come true. Alma periodically came to take a break from everyone, sometimes taking her older sister, sometimes her niece.

She inherited the house, and the family owned it for another thirty years. Then the owners changed, but to this day the house is called Alma’s dacha. It’s amazing how respectfully people preserve the memory of historical events, how they value each other’s work.

So, this little house holds everything you need. It may look tiny from the outside, but it has a living room and a bedroom, there is a separate kitchen, and they haven’t forgotten about the veranda. The current owner’s name is Elsa. She spends every summer at Alma’s dacha with her husband and beloved cat.

Why not? You can have a honeymoon in the house, it’s so cozy.
Elsa updated the interior; now it is dominated by blue tones and white. The family has been in business for 10 years, and they started by remodeling the old interior.

They did not regret throwing away the carpeting; underneath they found boards in excellent condition. Elsa painted it white and was right; the house immediately felt fresh and clean. The white and blue tones in the interior turned the room into a fairy tale; it turns out that you can feel light and free in it.

Elsa loves old-style tableware, looking for cute things wherever she goes. Thanks to the color scheme, the house does not seem overloaded.

Scandinavian style involves open shelves, but does not mean that you need to dump all the little things in them. The hostess selects containers and jars in the same style, and even selects the shelves themselves to suit their size. In general, she has a great sense of style and chose every item herself. Her husband, a jack of all trades, supports her and makes her dreams come true.

The second room is warmer.


The family kept the closet that had served Alma.

The room has a very simple design, antique items juxtaposed with modern ones.

The pride of the family is the veranda. It is closed and contains a lot of little things that Elsa managed to find. My husband made a table according to her design, based on an old foot-operated machine.

The toilet and bathhouse are located outside, but the couple organized heating there. There is a lunch group; in good weather it is pleasant to spend time there.

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