Kim Kardashian was harshly criticized online for raising her 10-year-old daughter North – the girl came out looking “inappropriate”

“They spoiled the girl. She was so cute”: After publishing a photo with her daughter Kim Kardashian was criticized for raising her inappropriately. 

Other people’s children are growing up by leaps and bounds, and the children of foreign celebrities are growing up even faster. North, the heiress of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, is already ten years old, but in her mother’s shots she looks much older. The day before, the girl appeared with Kim and her friends at a basketball game in Los Angeles and became the main star of the event. The baby was dressed in black baggy clothes and put on massive glasses – the same style her father has been dressing for many years. But it was not the unusual style of the star daughter that excited the public. They didn’t like that North’s nails were too long, and she also had a painfully pretentious look.

“They spoiled the girl. She was so cute”, “Too mature manicure”, “Kim is a bad influence on her. She’s a child,” wrote Daily Mail readers. However, those who have recently been following the life of North and her family were dissatisfied. The Kardashian heirs get used to public life from an early age, as evidenced by Kylie Jenner’s four-year-old daughter, who attended the last Fashion Week. And North, by Kardashian standards, is already a celebrity – she earns enormous amounts of money on her TikTok and has already acquired an army of fans.

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