On 120 squares you can turn around perfectly. A young girl bought an old house, and look at it now!

A young girl bought an old and dilapidated house built in 1948 and transformed it into a real heaven. Nobody believes it has once been a wreck… You should see it by yourself…

This house was built in 1948, on a plot of 40 acres. A decent piece of land, that’s why they built a larger house, two-story. In recent years, the owners did not live in it, they rented it out. The tenants did not take very good care of the house, which was not theirs after all. Therefore, the owners got tired of messing with him, they evicted everyone. The property was empty for some time, and then a buyer was found for it.

It was a young girl, no one understood why she needed this wreck.

The house was awkward. There are also preserved elements from the years of construction, immediately after the war. And plastic elements from the 60s when they were in vogue. The wallpaper is already from the beginning of this century.

The last of the tenants had a lot of fun and noticeably damaged the house. But the new owner was determined to restore it. ,,

The house required a lot of resources, both financial and time. The new owner has been doing it for a year and a half, look at the changes! The area has become neat and well-groomed, the old flower beds have been restored, and flowers are blooming on them again. The fence became visible because the overgrown hawthorn bushes had disappeared.


The outside of the house was scraped of peeling paint and covered with a special coating of a pleasant pink hue.

Nenna is still working outside, but is already planning to work on the sauna and gradually restore the rooms. Look how much she managed to do.

She doesn’t just paint the walls, she inspects every board and replaces any damaged areas. This is a colossal job, preserving the historical appearance of the house, but restoring it from destruction.

Her efforts were not in vain; the house was pleased with the perfectly preserved floor in the living room. Beneath the carpet lay perfect planks.


Initially, the house was heated with wood, so it was thought out to the smallest detail so as not to waste heat. It does not need additional heating; the housewife uses minimal electricity. And now that there is an air pump in the house, it has become even warmer.

“Not all my plans came true,” the girl admits. “I really hoped that I would move much faster.” But repairs eat up a lot of time, they fly by without you noticing. I’m also working, so I get tired and lose momentum. But thanks to the low speed, I have time to think about the design, choose something, develop the ideas that came to my mind.


The tenants who left the house did not bother to take out unnecessary things with them, but that was for the best. Among the junk accumulated over decades, the girl found antique-looking furnishings and even a lovely porcelain watch. Therefore, without hesitation, I integrated these antique items into the interior, since they had been in the house for more than half a century. This atmosphere of the fifties of the last century is her discovery and pride. She boldly used warm shades that were fashionable in those years, shading them with gray.

– The gray kitchen set has already been made, it is neutral and will look good with anything. I styled it in the style of those years and can’t wait to get rid of the modern kitchen.

The girl studied, perhaps, all the color proposals of those years, and chose popular olive, orange and yellow tones from the catalogs. She wanted to brighten up the gloomy Finnish winter with warm strokes. She visited all the flea markets and happily accepted as a gift everything that friends and family, who shared the girl’s passion, found for her. She restores some things, but prefers to buy new ones, for example, a refrigerator or a bed.

She says the project changed her, taught her to patiently accept life, deal with documents, and plan finances. This experience is the best school of life, and after school she relaxes in her own elegant kitchen.

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